Residency in der Villa Sarkia, Finnland

31. März 2021

Villa Sarkia is a residence upheld by the culture association Nuoren Voiman Liitto and the city of Sysmä in southern Finland. The residence is primarily designed to give young writers and translators the chance to focus on their personal literary undertakings in a private and inspiring setting. Residency periods in Villa Sarkia are between one to three months.

Villa Sarkia was built in the beginning of the 20th century. It was originally a local bank manager's home, and is located next door to the Theatre House of Sysmä.

There are three rooms for residents in Villa Sarkia, two singles and one double. There is also a common lounge area and a kitchen where residents can cook their meals.

The intention of Villa Sarkia is to provide an environment for young writers and translators to work in privacy and improve their professional skills, and also to increase the diversity of the cultural life of Sysmä.  In accepting residency, each applicant agrees to one (1) performance at a nursery, school, library or other occasion organized by the city of Sysmä during their stay. Should their stay fall on the Summer months, residents are also encouraged to organize activities on behalf of Sysmä's Kirjakyläpäivät, a local literary festival held in August. Nuoren Voiman Liitto is responsible for selecting the residents and the city of Sysmä maintains the residence itself.